Translate the passage into ten tweets. Incorporate shortened hyperlinks (, hashtags (#topic), and attributions (@alias) to emulate the full effects of Twitter. Also, think about what is expendable and what must be retained for the passage's stylistic integrity to carry over to Twitter. What is lost in translation? What does Twitter, as a writing technology, dictate stylistically?

Twitter Stream

Whole Foods has lost its way. It is first and foremost a corporation, after that an ethical enterprise founded for food consciousness.

The store is loaded with impressive goods, but it can only offer a conflicted shopping experience. #pollan #critique

@michaelpollan Do you avoid Whole Foods? Or do the enticements overshadow the hypocrisy?

The Whole Foods grand narrative plays on organic ideals--a pastoral ethos projected through old stories of farmers throughout the store. #grandnarrative #idealism #food

Regional distribution requires industrial processing, which ties into a knot food and petroleum. #oil #food

We are implicated in the store's complicated philosophies every time we purchase a product.

Prewashed lettuce seems innocent, especially when it is labeled "organic."

RT @joelsalatin Whole Foods is the face of "the organic empire."

To be fair, industrial organic might be as good as it gets. Other alternatives will force a change of diet on Americans. #concession

The gap between organic as industrial critique and organic as industry-dependent has vanished.

Twitter Stream Remake Note

Twitter functions by reduction and simplification. Pollan's sentences in the selection are long and complex. Reducing them into 140-character statements requires trimming away much of the stylistic complexity in the original. It's not clear that Twitter can tolerate a style like Pollan's, not in as few as ten tweets, anyway. Yet, distilling the Whole Foods passage into a Twitter stream highlights key differences between prose style and the constraints delimiting what is possible in online writing platforms.