WRT 302: Digital Writing: Schedule
Fall 2006 | MW 12:45-2:05 | HBC213B &HBC227

M 28
Syllabus and Overview
Questionnaire, Digital Ethos

W 30
Web 2.0 and App.atomies
"We Are the Web," Kevin Kelly
"Emerging Technology: Web 2.0 Arrives," Steven Johnson
"Web 2.0: The Power Behind the Hype," Jared Spool
"Everything Web2.0," Bob Stumpel, et al.
Due: Installments: I-web Sketch, ~500 words


M 4
Labor Day - No Classes

W 6
From Writing New Media: "box-logic," Geoffrey Sirc
"The Myth of Keeping Up," Kathy Sierra
Overview of blog project
Due: Explore wiki sandbox
Contribute to emerging definitions of Web 2.0, digital writing, and ???.

M 11
Katamari Writing
"Katamari Interface," Brendan Riley
Visit MT New Entry Demo
Due: Inaugural Weblog Entry

^W 13
App.atomies Workshop
Due: Installments: Wiki entry #1

M 18
"Know It All," Stacy Schiff
"The Wiki That Edited Me," Ryan Singel
"Veni, Vidi, Wiki," Ryan Singel
"Wikiality," Stephen Colbert on Wikipedia
Due: Installments: Wikiality ~500 words

^W 20
Impasses; MT and PMWiki

M 25
From Interface Culture, "Links," Steven Johnson
"State of the Blogosphere, August 2006," David Sifrey
Due: By Sunday (9/24), email one weblog link for class blogroll.

^W 27
Due: App.atomies
Due: Installments: Wiki entry #2


M 2
Yom Kippur - No Classes

^W 4
Due: App.atomies

M 9
Overview: Writing Digital Spaces: Image and Map
Flickr, image mapping and cybercartographic apps.
From Internet Invention: "Cosmogram," Greg Ulmer

^W 11
"As We May Think," Vanevar Bush
Due: Installments: Wiki entry #3

^M 16
Studium and Punctum
From Camera Lucida, Roland Barthes
Due: Installments: Barthes' punctum

^W 18
Writing Digital Spaces: Image and Map Workshop: Topography
From Small Pieces, Loosely Joined: "Space," David Weinberger
Due: Project II: Narrowed Possibilities Statement

^M 23 Copyright/Copyleft
Free Culture, Lawrence Lessig, Introduction and c. 1, "Creators," pp. 1-30
Building on the Past
"Righting Copywrongs," James Surowiecki
Free Culture Flash Presentation
Optional: Bound By Law, Duke Law, Center for the Study of the Public Domain
Due: Installments: Copyright/Copyleft

^W 25
Writing Digital Spaces: Image and Map Workshop: Arrangement and Juxtaposition
Due: Installments: Wiki entry #4
Due: Project II: Seven images gathered and laid out

^M 30
Facebook and Mapping Social Networks
"Cleaning up Their Online Acts," David Epstein
"The Many Faces of Facebook," David Epstein
"Thoughts on Facebook," Tracy Mitrano, Cornell IT Policy
Gliffy.com (hosted online, sign up for a free account)
CMap Tools (free download)


^W 1
Due: Writing Digital Spaces: Image and Map: Open Gallery

^M 6
Overview: Viz/Vox Project
"The New Griot" and "Dj-ing is Writing/Writing is DJ-ing," Paul Miller

^W 8
Soundscapes, Videoscapes
Spoken word

^M 13
Impasses II; MT and PMWiki
Due: Installments: Wiki entry #5

^W 15
Network sense
From Critical Mass, Philip Ball
Due: Installments: Network Studies

^M 20 iMovie/Garageband Workshopping
W 22 Thanksgiving Break - No Classes

^M 27 iMovie/Garageband Workshopping
^W 29 iMovie/Garageband Workshopping


^M 4
Course evaluations and back-glance

^W 6
Due: Viz/Vox Project

^ Will meet in HBC227.

Derek Mueller
Office: HBC 002
Fall '06 office hours: Mon., 11-Noon
Phone: (315) 443-1785
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