ENGL444: Writing for the World Wide Web
Fall 2012 | Section 000 (16992) | MW 3:30-4:45 | Course Materials | Eastern Michigan University

Enrollment: 17
Forms Completed: 14 (82%)

Core Items (A: Much Above Average, B: Above Average, C: Average, D: Below Average, E: Much Below Average)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
Overall Rating of the Teaching Effectiveness of this Instructor 8/62 3/23 2/15 0/0 0/0 13
Overall Rating of this Course 5/42 5/42 1/8 1/8 0/0 12

Additional Items (SA: Strongly Agree, A: Agree, U: Undecided, D: Disagree, SD: Strongly Disagree)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
My instructor seems well-prepared for class 7/50 7/50 0/0 0/0 0/0 14
My instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations 9/64 3/21 1/7 1/7 0/0 14
The instructor is reasonably accessible outside the classroom 9/64 2/14 1/7 2/14 0/0 14
The instructor has stimulated my thinking 11/79 1/7 1/7 1/7 0/0 14
The goals of the course are clearly stated and consistently pursued 10/71 2/14 0/0 1/7 1/7 14
My instructor respects students regardless of sex, age or race 13/93 0/0 1/7 0/0 0/0 14


What did you like most about this instructor and course?

  1. Instructor is enthusiastic about the internet.
  2. I learned a lot and the course change my negative view about technology.
  3. Focused on material that extends beyond the classroom free/open source webtools.
  4. I really liked our use of class time. I thought the discussion/lesson days were useful and the studio days were useful when appropriate.
  5. The flexibility of the instructor towards students and assignments who are above or below the average grasp of code.
  6. Ample time for assignments; discussion/seminar format is useful.
  7. The pace of the course. It was kind of up to the student based on their ability but Derek pushed us all to maximize our learning.
  8. I liked the inviting discussions that the class rendered. Also the projects were definitely manageable.
  9. I really like the learning of HTML and CSS. I also liked the instructor's willingness to negotiate deadlines.
  10. Flexibility and respect for everyone's skill level with code.
  11. He's approachable, and clear with directions.
  12. Taking HTML and CSS slowly, through steps on Codecademy and the projects.
  13. Learning an entirely new subject. HTML and CSS, and successfully implementing my skills.
  14. I liked the ability to make each project on a subject you enjoyed. It allows for more creativity. Mueller also graded based on a person's skill level.

What did you dislike most about this instructor and course?

  1. Inability to clearly answer questions or provide thorough knowledge of CSS + HTML.
  2. The course was not clearly stated in course description and it appeared to be better structured for students more advanced in basic programming.
  3. Hesitates to over-challenge--the class has more potential be he doesn't want to risk leaving anyone behind--and that's good for grades, but maybe could all do with some challenge.
  4. I thought that the length requirements for our reflective pieces were too long. It felt like they were too long for a valid response.
  5. The readings in the beginning of the course geared toward technology as a whole seemed disconnected and unnecessary.
  6. Not enough structured changes to practice HTML.
  7. The only negative was Codecademy's constant crashes. Everything was fine besides that.
  8. ---
  9. I disliked being graded on Codeacademy.
  10. ---
  11. The course description is nothing like the actual class.
  12. There was a lot to learn in a short period of time--but it was all beneficial and I wish we had the time to go further into CSS coding and HTML coding.
  13. The vagueness of the last project, the resume.
  14. The FTP clients gave me issues sometimes.

What constructive suggestions do you have for this instructor or course?

  1. Focus on remembering directions given/individual concersations relating to course and projects. Course could use less reflection based writing, and more topic based/research types of writing.
  2. The course should be more detailed in every aspect.
  3. Bring everything together into one evolving project.
  4. Have less lengthy reflections.
  5. Either do more to incorporate readings, or perhaps have less readings.
  6. More HTML exercises in class to solidify knowledge of concepts.
  7. If students will have to buy a book I feel we should use it more. I enjoyed the text, but I don't think we got all we could from it.
  8. Possibly a clear definition and interpretation of project assessment criteria.
  9. Maybe instead of 3 projects for grade create one where they can work in groups to help each other more and more class time to work.
  10. Stay on target with Codecademy and maybe even get through Module 6.
  11. Rewrite the description to mention computer coding.
  12. I loved the feedback you have on the projects, whosing us what worked well and what could improve on. Keep up the great work Professor Mueller!
  13. More availability for office hours. Perhaps an individual session with students.
  14. ---

Additional Comments

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  8. ---
  9. ---
  10. Great class! Would take again with Prof Mueller.
  11. The class is billed as a "writing" course when in fact it is a coding course! I didn't expect to be designing websites. It's interesting, but not what I came for.
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