ENGL596: Teaching Composition on the College Level
Fall 2013 | Section 000 (11102) | T 3:30-6:10 | Course Materials | Eastern Michigan University

Enrollment: 9
Forms Completed: 9 (100%)

Core Items (A: Much Above Average, B: Above Average, C: Average, D: Below Average, E: Much Below Average)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
Overall Rating of the Teaching Effectiveness of this Instructor 7/78 1/11 1/11 0/0 0/0 9
Overall Rating of this Course 5/56 3/33 1/11 0/0 0/0 9

Additional Items (SA: Strongly Agree, A: Agree, U: Undecided, D: Disagree, SD: Strongly Disagree)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
My instructor seems well-prepared for class 8/89 1/11 0/0 0/0 0/0 9
My instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations 8/89 0/0 1/11 0/0 0/0 9
The instructor is reasonably accessible outside the classroom 7/78 2/22 0/0 0/0 0/0 9
The instructor has stimulated my thinking 9/100 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 9
The goals of the course are clearly stated and consistently pursued 7/78 2/22 0/0 0/0 0/0 9
My instructor respects students regardless of sex, age or race 8/89 1/11 0/0 0/0 0/0 9


What did you like most about this instructor and course?

  1. He took time to get to know us individually, which meant he could make suggestions specific to our own interests.
  2. I felt really welcome as a student who was coming back to school after a long hiatus from academia. I liked the course materials and the way he engaged them. I felt like he was very friendly and reassuring.
  3. --
  4. Derek is very smart, incredibly supportive, and eerily dad-like.
  5. The course was extremely helpful and alleviated every concern I had about starting my teaching career. Derek was a great mentor.
  6. Derek is very supportive and present for his students.
  7. His accessibility and how much be cares about all of our ideas. He helps us pursue our teaching passions.
  8. Derek is extremely easy to talk to and helped guide me through first semester of grad school and teaching. This course helped me work through questions about 120 & 121.
  9. The availability for consultation outside of class--via email--very helpful.

What did you dislike most about this instructor and course?

  1. I found it difficult at times to find an entry point into what we were learning.
  2. Nothing! The only thing that was a little bit problematic was that sometimes we would do a lot of reading and not talk about it much in class.
  3. --
  4. Some more planning before the second two projects would be helpful. Especially with P3. It seemed like we didn't really talk about it until after we introduced it to our students.
  5. I thought some of the readings didn't feel entirely connected to the issues that we were encountering in our teaching.
  6. --
  7. I appreciate classroom discussions, but sometimes they were the whole class, which is bard because I appreciate practical applications. Also, a little more foresight for unit three.
  8. I wish the class had focused more on teaching 120 & 121 and less on rhet/comp theory.
  9. --

What constructive suggestions do you have for this instructor or course?

  1. Maybe include just a little more "off the wall" readings. :)
  2. It would be nice ot have a little more guidance setting up assignment sheets--maybe that would help the next cohort.
  3. --
  4. Sweater vest.
  5. A better balance during class between reading and teaching preparation.
  6. More timely directions/suggestions for 120 projects.
  7. More in-class work time, more meetings (individual) with Derek, more preparation--focus on actual classroom material.
  8. Try to reign in students talking during class. Sometimes it got distracting.
  9. --

Additional Comments

  1. Thanks for everything, Derek. You've made yourself into a great, compassionate resource. I really appreciate everything. I'm sorry for being late!
  2. I appreciate so much your willingness to walk me through a lot of my uncertainties and ethical dilemmas. I felt very supported. Thank you for always answering my emails and making time to talk to me.
  3. --
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  5. --
  6. --
  7. --
  8. As much as Derek doesn't want to admit it, he is very dad-like (& I mean that as the HIGHEST complement).
  9. --