WRTG596: Teaching Composition at the College Level
Fall 2016 | Section 000 (14558) | T, 3:30-6:10 | Course Materials | Eastern Michigan University

Enrollment: 13
Forms Completed: 13 (100%)

Core Items (A: Much Above Average, B: Above Average, C: Average, D: Below Average, E: Much Below Average)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
Overall Rating of the Teaching Effectiveness of this Instructor 12/92 1/8 0/0 0/0 0/0 13
Overall Rating of this Course 11/85 2/15 0/0 0/0 0/0 13

Additional Items (SA: Strongly Agree, A: Agree, U: Undecided, D: Disagree, SD: Strongly Disagree)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
My instructor seems well-prepared for class 13/100 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 13
My instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations 12/92 1/8 0/0 0/0 0/0 13
The instructor is reasonably accessible outside the classroom 11/85 2/15 0/0 0/0 0/0 13
The instructor has stimulated my thinking 11/85 2/15 0/0 0/0 0/0 13
The goals of the course are clearly stated and consistently pursued 10/77 3/23 0/0 0/0 0/0 13
My instructor respects students regardless of sex, age or race 13/100 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 13


What did you like most about this instructor and course?

  1. The course provided a framework of theory and skills to help me as a first-time writing instructor. Dr. Mueller is extremely helpful and supportive.
  2. Derek is erudite, efficient, and encouraging, making for a highly satisfying, structured course on pedagogy.
  3. Enthusiasm for teaching was one of the things I liked most about this instructor. I liked having the support and guidance structured into this course to assist first-time graduate instructors.
  4. This course was great! It supported me in my teaching and helped me prepare for every new task I had.
  5. Derek is an encouraging teacher. He is knowledgeable and it is clear he cares about his students. The course was pivotal to my growth as an instructor.
  6. Helping develop our pedagogies through reading different articles and having class time to share experience and prep.
  7. Derek is always available for questions, comments, concerns. We have learned from "theory" and each other methods to better instruct our classes.
  8. I feel well prepared to teach WRTG121 and confident in my ability to instruct.
  9. Derek is very supportive, and has great constructive feedback to give.
  10. Shows a passion for material. Invites reflection and critique.
  11. I enjoyed the collaborative nature of the class.
  12. Very engaged and caring, always around when needed, prepared our class in teaching was very valuable.
  13. Thoughtful engagements with readings and discussion.

What did you dislike most about this instructor and course?

  1. Just a thought--perhaps all course materials in one location. Not a big deal.
  2. N/A
  3. Sometimes the readings and assignments seemed overwhelming with all of my other responsibilities, but they were helpful.
  4. Information about what we did each day was found in a few different places--and was sometimes different than what was said in class.
  5. ---
  6. Required attendance at Friday meetings--difficult to manage w/ my other commitments.
  7. We didn't always stay on topic during class periods. I didn't feel prepared enough for WRTG120 or WRTG121.
  8. I had a lot of trouble with the readings on rhetorical theory and couldn't quite connect them to WRTG120.
  9. I wish I had engaged more with our teaching logs, but I'm glad we focused on other things, too.
  10. Course information and materials spread across 4-5 mediums. Would like more assignments developing practical materials.
  11. I often felt like I couldn't find the link between what we were covering and how it related to teaching.
  12. Wish it was two semesters.
  13. ---

What constructive suggestions do you have for this instructor or course?

  1. See comment above.
  2. More scaffolded lesson plan production for units beyond lit narratives.
  3. Stop pointing out all of your digressions and just go with them because most of the time no one would probably notice since the coversation helps move the time along.
  4. I would have liked even more in-class work time for each unit and 121.
  5. ---
  6. Facilitate more interaction between students beyond "writing"--resource share/lesson plan demonstration.
  7. We need more time! Maybe have the workshops earlier in the summer so we can plan the semester earlier. This would lead to A LOT less stress during the semester.
  8. I'd like to see more focus on teaching instruction and work time.
  9. Make the snack list a requirement!
  10. ---
  11. ---
  12. Access to more materials for 121.
  13. An appointed yarning monitor.

Additional Comments

  1. Dr. Mueller is a great instructor and director of the First-year Writing Program. He provides all of the support, tools, theories, and materials needed for me to grow as a student, as a scholar, and an instructor. 596 was a wonderful course!
  2. ---
  3. ---
  4. I really liked the observations as well. The follow-up conversations were very helpful. There are so many positive things to say about this class, and Derek has been very supportive and encouraging.
  5. I enjoyed work times when we were to work in groups. Especially when it came to planning lesson plans and class activities it was very helpful. I would have liked a little more structured time when discussing articles we read. Overall a very beneficial course.
  6. ---
  7. ---
  8. ---
  9. Thank you for always being supportive of us and for helping us become acclimated to the program.
  10. ---
  11. ---
  12. ---
  13. ---