WRTG596: Teaching Composition at the College Level
Fall 2017 | Section 000 (13810) | T, 3:30-6:10 | Course Materials | Eastern Michigan University

Enrollment: 8
Forms Completed: 8 (100%)

Core Items (A: Much Above Average, B: Above Average, C: Average, D: Below Average, E: Much Below Average)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
Overall Rating of the Teaching Effectiveness of this Instructor 4/50 4/50 0/0 0/0 0/0 8
Overall Rating of this Course 3/38 3/38 2/25 0/0 0/0 8

Additional Items (SA: Strongly Agree, A: Agree, U: Undecided, D: Disagree, SD: Strongly Disagree)

  N/% N/% N/% N/% N/% N
My instructor seems well-prepared for class 6/75 2/25 0/0 0/0 0/0 8
My instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations 5/63 2/25 0/0 1/13 0/0 8
The instructor is reasonably accessible outside the classroom 6/75 0/0 1/13 1/13 0/0 8
The instructor has stimulated my thinking 5/63 2/25 1/13 0/0 0/0 8
The goals of the course are clearly stated and consistently pursued 6/75 1/13 0/0 1/13 0/0 8
My instructor respects students regardless of sex, age or race 6/75 1/13 1/13 0/0 0/0 8


What did you like most about this instructor and course?

  1. He is well prepared, organized, and approachable.
  2. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is kind and approachable.
  3. The readings, the collective notetaking.
  4. His breadth of knowledge about the materials and his well-read contextual expertise.
  5. Introduction to composition scholarship that broadened my lexicon and conceptual toolbox.
  6. Derek is great at calming the nerves. He was there whenever I needed him. I liked everything. Great!
  7. Dr. Mueller is personable, accessible, and an excellent resource. His knowledge of the field is impressive, and his willingness to turn questions into a conversation was appreciated.
  8. This course was englightening; a lot of debates were had and often questions were answered.

What did you dislike most about this instructor and course?

  1. None.
  2. His tendency to come across as micromanaging.
  3. Mixed message re: expectations ("hold it lightly" vs. perfectionism)
  4. Presentation of due-dates.
  5. Sometimes vague instructions, sometimes uninspiring readings, and sometimes not often enough discussion of parameters of teaching.
  6. Nothing at all.
  7. That it was almost 3 hours long. Otherwise, good stuff.
  8. Students' lack of experience in composition studies was not acknowledged.

What constructive suggestions do you have for this instructor or course?

  1. Nothing! Dr. Mueller is a great professor in the English Department.
  2. Allow students more time to voice their ideas and try not to take their concerns out of context.
  3. A little less negativity w/ the fledgling instructors.
  4. Have dates attached to assignments and link you rmany websites together.
  5. More hands-on and one-on-one workshop and instruction toward designing effective assignment sheets.
  6. I wouldn't change anything. The willingness to help us achieve great things is fantastic. I didn't feel lost at all during my first semester teaching. Thanks for the support.
  7. Less lime in the jicama. :)
  8. Less debates/tangents, more discussion and focus.

Additional Comments

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