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Project Two: Research Report

Given the setups of Project One: Brooke Notes and Proposal, Project Two: Research Report carries out the next major step in the development of your WRTG121 research project. Moving from the proposal to the study, for this project, you will 1) continue to gather, annotate, and read materials related to your emerging focus, 2) conduct the methods portion of your study while detailing your research activity in a series of research memos, and 3) write the research report, which will build on the proposal to reflect an expanded overview of the research question(s), an expanded review of the articles informing your emerging focus, an account of the methods you carried out, and a summary of the findings, or results.

Altogether Project Two will extend, elaborate, and build upon Project One. It will document and describe your research process, noting both insights and setbacks, if appropriate, and ultimately accounting for what, on the basis of your research, you have honed in on.

Altogether, Project Two will be at least 2400 words. It will make reference to the sources you have annotated using Brooke Notes, include a title and other formal features consistent with MLA 8 (or APA). A draft of Project Two (at least 1500 words) is due on Monday, March 5. Bring a copy with you to class, on paper or electronically. The completed project is due on Wednesday, March 14.

Assessment Criteria
Your project will be assessed for its strengths in the following five areas.

Evaluation Criteria

Each criterion listed above will be evaluated on the following scale:


EX: Exceptional. The writer has applied the criterion with distinction.
AC: Acceptable/meets expectations. The writer has applied the criterion to a satisfactory degree.
NI: Needs improvement. The writer has minimally applied the criterion in the project.
NA: Not applied. The writer has not applied the criterion in the project.

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