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Brooke Notes (~45 minutes)
Brooke Notes are a note-keeping system designed to be routine, generative, usable, and accumulative throughout and beyond your undergraduate studies. This approach to note-keeping, which I credit to Collin Brooke, takes as its first principle that if it is worth reading, it is worth annotating. Even more, reading as a part of research writing means that the notes should be right-sized (i.e., neither excessively thorough nor too thin to be useful later on) and built-up in a database that you can search later on (your Google folder, in this case).

Here are a few general provisions for Brooke Notes:

Learn more about the rationale for this approach and the basic guidelines for developing a Brooke Notes entry over here: Each entry should—at a minimum—include the following:

A complete Brooke Notes entry will include all seven of these elements. Project One will require you to develop Brooke Notes entries for at least two articles.

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