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Course Schedule - Winter 2018

The following schedule offers a provisional plan for all work throughout the semester. We may revise it as needed. PDF readings are available for download by following the linked text below or in Canvas (under Files).

1.Week of January 1-5
We.3 (slides)
Writing Waste: Overview and Framing
In-class: WRTG121 Day One Survey

2.Week of January 8-12
Mo.8 (slides)
P1 Setup
Read:Purdy, "Environmentalism Was Once a Social-Justice Movement" (online)
Due: Brooke Notes on Purdy article
Optional supplemental reading: Bunn, "How to Read Like a Writer" (PDF)
We.10 (slides)
Understanding Rhetoric, Issue 6, "Research: More Than Detective Work," pp. 219-258
Formulating researchable questions
Optional supplemental reading: Irvin, "What is Academic Writing?" (PDF)

3.Week of January 15-19
Mo.15 No class
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No classes
We.17* (slides)
Understanding Rhetoric, Issue 1, "Why Rhetoric?" pp. 37-70
In class: P1 Workshop (laptop cart)

4.Week of January 22-26

Library Databases Workshop
Class meets in Halle Library Room 111 - Bob Stevens will lead session
We.24 (slides)
Research Writing as Inquiry: Beyond Source Work
Methods handout
Set up P2

5.Week of January 29-February 2
Mo.29* (slides)
DUE: P1 draft
In class: Peer response
We.31 (slides)
In-class: Course outcomes and reflective cover letter

6.Week of February 5-9
Conferences in PH613M
Optional supplemental reading: Giles, "Reflective Writing and the Revision Process: What Were You Thinking?" (PDF)
Conferences in PH613M

7.Week of February 12-16
Methods overview - Next steps (slides)
New groups and elevator pitches
What is a research memo?
We.14 (slides)
Read, Dana Driscoll, "Introduction to Primary Research: Observations, Surveys, and Interviews" (PDF)
Citation management - rationale and systems
DUE: Research Memo 1 due nlt Th.15, 11:59 p.m. EST

8.Week of February 19-23
Winter Break - No classes

9.Week of February 26-March 2
Mo.26 (slides)
Review of Research Memos
Mid-term evaluation (complete in class only)
In-class: P2 Workshop (laptop cart)
We.28 (slides)
DUE: Research Memo 2 due nlt Th.1, 11:59 p.m. EST
Data work: send Derek a link to your survey/collecting instrument no later than Sunday, 11:59 p.m. EST.

10.Week of March 5-9
Mo.5 (slides)
Survey (data work) in-class - bring a laptop
Research updates (status checks)
Adjusting to unforseeable challenges
Consequences, takeaways, addressing So What?
We.7 (slides)
DUE: P2 draft
In class: Peer response
DUE: Research Memo 3 due nlt Th.8, 11:59 p.m. EST

11.Week of March 12-16
Mo.12 (slides)
Lit Reviews
Citing Sources
Figures and Tables

No class - Mueller at Cs KC

12.Week of March 19-23
Mo.19 (slides)
Portfolio arrangement
Reflective cover letter
Set up Project Three
We.21 (slides)
P2 Due
Understanding Rhetoric, Issue 8, "Going Public," pp. 289-321
Slides for P3 - Rapid prototype and beginning folder for decks

13.Week of March 26-30
Mo.26 (slides)
From research to presentation - Slides and handouts
We.28 (slides)
Bring ideas and materials for CSW.

14.Week of April 2-6
Mo.2 (slides)
DUE: CSW Author Bio
DUE: Slides and handout drafts
Environmental Justice Conference (in-class)

15.Week of April 9-13
Mo.9 (slides)
Portfolio preparation
Course Evaluation
DUE: CSW materials
Portfolio preparation
Th.12 34th Semiannual Celebration of Student Writing, Student Center Grand Ballroom, 3:30-5:30 p.m.
Group 1: 3:30-3:54 p.m.
Group 2: 3:54-4:18 p.m.
Group 3: 4:18-4:42 p.m.
Group 4: 4:42-5:06 p.m.
Group 5: 5:06-5:30 p.m.

16.Week of April 16-17
DUE: Project Three
DUE: Portfolio

Contact Information

Derek N. Mueller, PhD
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing
Director of Composition
Department of English
Virginia Tech
Office: 315 Shanks Hall
Spring 2019 Office Hours: T, 12-3
Phone: +1-734-985-0485

"Let's say you were from somewhere else, seeing this Earth from space for the first time. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be satisfied with that view; I'd want to get closer, walk around on it, even get down on my hands and knees. That's how I prefer to see the Earth." —Wendell Berry, Interview with Jordan Fisher-Smith

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