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August 596 Workshop - Schedule

The following schedule lists the times, locations, and activities for the two-week August 596 Workshop, August 14-18 and 21-24, 2017. All events will be held in PH415 unless otherwise noted in-line. All instructional staff in the FYWP (i.e., TTF, FTLs, PTLs, and returning GAs) are invited to attend activities marked as OPEN and showing asterisks (*).

Monday, August 14

For Monday: Read Andrea Lunsford, "The Nature of Composition Studies" (in Welcome Kit), the FYWP Program Guide (front matter in Understanding Rhetoric and EasyWriter) and Introduction to Writing About Writing.

9 Introductions and Opening Questions (Google Drive Notes)
10 Teaching College Composition: Compass Points, Locations, Itineraries
11 Share maps; Connections with Lunsford and WAW reading
12 Lunch provided
1 Fast Write on "Compass Points"
1:15 *Presentation of WRTG120 Syllabus and Curriculum Map* OPEN
2:30 How do students enroll in WRTG120? GSP Instrument
3:00 Program Principles and Outcomes
3:45 Exit ticket

Tuesday, August 15

For Tuesday: Read Deborah Brandt's "Sponsors of Literacy" (Welcome Kit and WAW) and "Writing Your Own Literacy Narrative" (PDF pp. 53-54) in Welcome Kit. Bring one printed copy of your literacy narrative.

9 Sharing Literacy Narratives
10 Guest: Rachel Gramer, Associate Director of the FYWP^
11 Why "projects" when we could call them papers, essays, or assignments?
  Rationale for Project One (Generating principles)
12 Lunch provided
1 Guest: Mary Ramsey, English Language and Literature Dept. Head^
1:15 Student literacy narrative(s)
2:30 Work time (beginning to fine-tune your syllabus)
3:30 Generating questions (in Google Docs)
3:45 Daily reflection

Wednesday, August 16

For Wednesday: Read Malea Powell, "Learning (Teaching) to Teach (Learn)" (from Welcome Kit); Brock Dethier, c. 4, "The First Day" (FYWP GA Drive); Understanding Rhetoric, Ch. 3, "Writing Identities"

9 Writing in the contexts of teaching and learning (Powell)
10 Questions and sticking points re: syllabus development (Alyse Lindley, Laura Kovick)
11 *Tour of offices* OPEN
12 Lunch provided
1:15 Phones, copies, key codes, class rosters, etc.
2 Class time and planning
3 Teaching personas (Ch. 3 from UR)

Thursday, August 17 - Fall Meeting and Workshop - Pray-Harrold 219

For Thursday: Read pp. 37-117 in Understanding Rhetoric.
Leaf through EasyWriter, noticing sections you think align well with your plans for the fall.

8:45 *Coffee and bagels/ Welcome
9:15 *Program-wide Fall Meeting (Mueller)
10-11 *Featured workshops:
 Workshop Hour One (Choose one of the following):
10-11  Rachel Gramer, "Process"
10-11  Logan Bearden, "Rhetoric"
10-11  Derek Mueller, "Conventions"
 Workshop Hour Two (Choose one of the following):
11-12  Rachel Gramer, "Reflection"
11-12  Logan Bearden, "Multimodality"
11-12  Derek Mueller, "Conventions"
12 *Lunch (provided) and conversation
1  *Attendee lightning presentations 2-3 minutes on adjustments you made to your assignment or activity from the morning
2:30 *One on one and small group meetings with Mueller.
Friday, August 18

For Friday: Read pp. 49-57 in Teaching with Lunsford Handbooks, "Responding to Student Writing"; Richard Straub, "Responding—Really Responding—to Other Students' Writing" (WAW) and Elaine Lees, "Evaluating Student Writing" (FYWP GA Drive)

9 *Project One and Invention Portfolio – How It Works
  Creating your class calendar/daily schedule
10 Responding and grading
  Sample student work
11:30 Lunch provided
12:30 Guest: TBD, Center for Multicultural Affairs
2:15 Panel with returning and recent GAs
   (Darcie Rees, Charlotte Oehler, Alyse Lindley, Stephanie Reynolds)
3:30-5 *Happy hour at ABC/Corner Brewery* OPEN
720 Norris Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Monday, August 21

For Monday: Read Brock Dethier, c. 2, "Preparing" (FYWP GA Drive); and "Peer Review and Revision," pp. 163-176, from Teaching with Lunsford Handbooks)

9:30 Peer response (enacted)
10:10 Peer response (meta)
11:15 Technology and Multimodality in WRTG120 (Stephanie Reynolds)
12:30 Lunch on your own
1:30 Theory and practice (phronesis) in WRTG596
  Rhetorics and Poetics
  N+7, Acrostics, Pantoum, crots, four-word film reviews, six-word memoirs, neologisms, fives (example)
2:30 Work time (continuing to develop materials)

Tuesday, August 22

For Tuesday: Leaf through EasyWriter, noting striking or useful sections. Read Anne Curzan's column in The Chronicle, "Dinging for 'Grammatical Errors'"

9 Project Two and Three Frameworks
10 Overview of University Writing Center
  Guests: Ann Blakeslee, Dir. of the UWC, and Kimberly Pavlock, Asst. Dir. of the UWC^
11 *EasyWriter* OPEN
12 Lunch on your own
1 *Understanding Rhetoric* OPEN
2 *Panel (PH415)* OPEN
  Julia Heck, Associate Director, Office of the Ombuds^
  LaMarcus Howard, Associate Director, Disability Resource Center^
  Lisa Lauterbach, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)^
  Sean Woolfe, Interim Associate Dir., Office of Student Conduct, Community Standards, and Wellness
3 Dev. choices for Wednesday a.m.

Wednesday, August 23

For Wednesday: Read Brock Dethier, c. 7, "Confident and Humble" (FYWP GA Drive)

9 GAs choose topics (see Google Docs Notes)
10 Assignment sheets and lesson plans
11 Guest: Chalice Randazzo, Assistant Professor of Written Communication^
-- Workshop Evaluation Survey
12 Lunch provided
1 Teaching Demos (i.e., practice run in rooms and with technology setup)

Thursday, August 24

No new reading.

10 *Work time with laptop cart* OPEN
How do I reserve the laptop cart?
Focus on Canvas features for all who will be using it
11-2 Individual conferences (PH613M)
2-4 *Individual conferences (PH613M)* OPEN

Contact Information

Derek N. Mueller, PhD
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing
Director of Composition
Department of English
Virginia Tech
Office: 315 Shanks Hall
Spring 2019 Office Hours: T, 12-3
Phone: +1-734-985-0485

"What about that other scene of writing instruction? Where has that gone, the idea of the writing classroom as blank canvas, ready to be inscribed as a singular compositional space?" (1). Geoffrey Sirc, "The Still-Unbuilt Hacienda," English Composition as a Happening

"[W]hat we teach our students is a consequence of what we understand writing to be" (215). Mary Lou Odom, Michael Bernard-Donals, and Stephanie Kerschbaum, "Enacting Theory: The Practicum as the Site of Invention," Don't Call It That: The Composition Practicum

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