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Charticle (20%, 20 points)

Representatitve charticle

Charticle refers to a hybrid genre incorporating textual and graphical elements to present information in a way that is succinct, substantive, and attention-getting. Your task with this project is to make a specific type of charticle--one that reinvents a scholarly article on visual rhetorics (or a closely enough related field that you can, in your charticle pitch on Monday, January 12, justify the choice). In addition to working with a scholarly article, the charticle must include both textual and graphical elements, occupy an 11x17 ox 8.5x11 page, which will be printed in full color, and incorporate a synopsis of the article, a graphic on some analytical quality of the article, and a photograph or illustration that ties in thematically with some aspect of the article.

Choose your article no later than Monday, January 12, and be prepared with a sketch of the charticle (in-progress draft; paper prototype) and a pitch to the class (an extemporaneous introduction of how you are approaching the challenge). Locating an article is part of the challenge, of course, and while you are welcome to begin with Hill and Helmers' collection, Defining Visual Rhetorics, or the works referenced in chapters in that collection, you can also broaden your search to include a variety of journals hosted in JSTOR and other online databases. A draft of your charticle is due in class for peer response on Monday, January 26. The completed project is due at the start of class on Monday, February 2.

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"We need to become irritated at our favorite theories and theorists and tired of our usual list of visual objects. Visual studies should be ferrociously difficult, as obdurate and entangled in power as the images themselves. Complacency on that score leads back toward the fun house of aimless impressionistic writing about the joys of contemporary consumerism. There is so much more out there waiting to be understood" (201). James Elkins, "Envoi," Visual Studies: A Skeptical Introduction

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