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Viz. Ignite Presentation (10%, 10 points)

Camera Obscura


At the end of the semester, you will prepare and present a five-minute Ignite presentation to your peers. Presentations will accompany a Powerpoint slideshow consisting of twenty slides each set to rotate automatically after 15 seconds. Individual slides may not include more than five words. Slides should include carefully selected, carefully sized images (i.e., these are visually intensive presentations--consistent with the strategies introduced in Presentation Zen, not text heavy slide-documents). As you present, you may use up to three index cards; however, you are strongly encouraged to present extemporaneously, working informally from memory rather than reading from a script. To become more familiar with the Ignite genre, watch a few of the presentations at the O'Reilly site or Ignite Ann Arbor.

Your presentation may focus on any of the following:

Submit your slidedeck to EMU Online no later than 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 12. All presentations will take place on Monday, April 13.

Evaluation Criteria

The Viz. Ignite presentation is valued at 10 points (10% of your overall grade in the course). It will be evaluated according to the following three criteria:

  1. Delivery: (eye contact, engagement with audience, presence, command of material, timing)
  2. Slideshow: (auto-rotation, image-intensivity, technical precision)
  3. Explanation of emerging rhetorico-aesthetic disposition and reference to some aspect of a profile piece from Section IV of the Cairo reading: (compelling content, appropriate scope for five minutes, insight into visual rhetorics)

Each criterion listed above will be evaluated on the following scale:


EX: Exceptional. The rhetor has applied the criterion with distinction.
AC: Acceptable/meets expectations. The rhetor has applied the criterion to a satisfactory degree.
NI: Needs improvement. The rhetor has minimally applied the criterion in the project.
NA: Not applied. The rhetor has not applied the criterion in the project.

Contact Information

Derek N. Mueller, PhD
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing
Director of Composition
Department of English
Virginia Tech
Office: 315 Shanks Hall
Spring 2020 Office Hours: T, 12-3
Phone: +1-734-985-0485

"We need to become irritated at our favorite theories and theorists and tired of our usual list of visual objects. Visual studies should be ferrociously difficult, as obdurate and entangled in power as the images themselves. Complacency on that score leads back toward the fun house of aimless impressionistic writing about the joys of contemporary consumerism. There is so much more out there waiting to be understood" (201). James Elkins, "Envoi," Visual Studies: A Skeptical Introduction

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