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Course Schedule

The following schedule offers a provisional plan for all work throughout the semester. We may revise it as needed. PDF readings are available for download at EMU Online (see Doc Sharing).

1.Week of Jan. 5-9
Syllabus and schedule
Definitional bearings (selections from Young, Becker, and Pike on heuristic/heuretic; Ott and Dickinson)
Charticle setup

2.Week of Jan. 12-16
Buchanan, "Declaration by Design: Rhetoric, Argument, and Demonstration in Design Practice," pp. 4-22 (PDF)
Charticle pitches

3.Week of Jan. 19-23
Mo.19 MLK, Jr., Day - No Class

4.Week of Jan. 26-30
WSPNYE, Ch. 1-2, 1-20
Charticle draft due (in class; peer review)
Visual strategy setup
Illustrator and InDesign Tutorials
Beginner's Guide to InDesign

5.Week of Feb. 2-6
Cancelled - weather

6.Week of Feb. 9-13
WSPNYE, Chs. 3-5, 21-62
DUE: Charticle
WSPNYE, Chs. 6-7, pp. 63-112
Visual strategy pitches
Logo design challenge (in class)
Flickr Creative Commons
Illustrator Tutorials

7.Week of Feb. 16-20
WSPNYE, Chs. 8-9, 113-158
Visual strategy dev
Photoshop Basix
Color Blender

8.Week of Feb. 23-27
No classes - Winter break

9.Week of Mar. 2-7
Tufte, "PowerPoint Does Rocket Science: Assessing the Quality and Credibility of Technical Reports"
Helvetica (Video)
Visual strategy dev
WSPNYE, Chs. 14-15, pp. 237-261

10.Week of Mar. 9-13
Drucker, "Graphesis," pp. 1-50, PDF
Visual strategy dev

11.Week of Mar. 16-20
Cairo, "Introduction" and Part I, Foundations, pp. xiv-92
The 18 Best Infographics of 2014, Fast Company
Visual strategy review (in class)

12.Week of Mar. 23-27
Cairo, Part II, Cognition, pp. 97-149
Gibson, "The Theory of Affordances," pp. 127-143 (PDF)
Fr. 27
DUE: Visual strategy

13.Week of Mar. 30-April 3
WSPNYE, Chs. 10, 159-176
Cairo, Part III, Practice, pp. 153-209

14.Week of Apr. 6-10
Cairo, Part IV, Profiles, Selections
Reynolds, Presentation Zen excerpt
Ignite setup: Addiction! Staying Afloat
Ignite setup: Mad Handles
DUE: Draft of Missing Chapter

DUE: Upload slidedeck no later than Sun., 4/12, 5 p.m.

15.Week of Apr. 13-17
Viz. Ignite Series
Course Evaluations
DUE: Fri., 4/17, Missing Chapter

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"We need to become irritated at our favorite theories and theorists and tired of our usual list of visual objects. Visual studies should be ferrociously difficult, as obdurate and entangled in power as the images themselves. Complacency on that score leads back toward the fun house of aimless impressionistic writing about the joys of contemporary consumerism. There is so much more out there waiting to be understood" (201). James Elkins, "Envoi," Visual Studies: A Skeptical Introduction

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