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121.Portfolio with letter (+10)

Your ENGL121 portfolio is a collection of work you accumulate throughout the term. It consists not only of formal pieces (e.g., memos and tracings), but also any other writing you have done related to the class that you see as representative of your development this term. The portfolio itself will be a flat manilla folder within which you will neatly arrange the following items:

1. Reflective cover letter (framed as a letter)
2. Researched argument
3. Mid-term Learning/Composing Process worksheet
4. Final Learning/Composing Process worksheet
5. Artifacts 1-4

1. Reflective cover letter
In a reflective cover letter of no more than 1000 words, recount the term, keying on particularly memorable moments of learning or process-awareness, A-ha! moments, or moments of insight. Discuss any relevant factors affecting your performance in the course. Provide commentary on any of the materials you have included in the portfolio.

2. Researched argument (+20-18-16-14-0 pts.)
The researched argument is a 10-page essay that you will shape from the tracings you wrote throughout the term. That is, it will forward a stance or position and rely on selected revised tracings to underpin the stance or position. In effect, the researched argument draws upon the work you have done all semester, which, after rearrangement, development, and fine-tuning, will stand as a cogent researched essay.

3. Mid-term Learning/Composing Process worksheet
This worksheet involves mapping selected learning and composing process outcomes from ENGL121 onto identifiable activities and practices related to the course.

4. Final Learning/Composing Process worksheet
Like the mid-term version, this worksheet involves plotting alignments among selected learning and composing process outcomes and identifiable activities and practices in the class.

5. Artifacts 1-4 with Revised/Expanded Paragraphs
Drawing on the two learning outcome worksheets, select the four artifacts (memos and tracings) representative of key lessons for you from the course. Write a paragraph of at least 100 words for each artifact explaining no more than two composing process or learning process outcomes. The four paragraphs should extend from the accounts you produced on the back of each worksheet (midterm and final).

As you assemble the artifacts associated with item 5, you might apply minor revisions and double-check to see that this work is especially representative of the writing you have done this semester. You do not necessarily need to select the strongest or most polished pieces, but you should include pieces you want to discuss or explain, pieces you want to cite as evidence of what you have learned.

Your portfolio is due no later than Tuesday, June 21, at 11:40 a.m. Turn in a paper copy to me by bringing it to 810 Hoyt between 9 a.m. and 11:40 a.m. No late portfolios will be accepted. The portfolio should be assembled into a single manilla folder with no staples or other binding materials (i.e., it should be loose leaf).

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