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ENGL328 Short Papers

All SPs must be one page typed and single-spaced with one-inch margins and a standard, easily readable typeface (appr. 300-500 words; do not exceed one page). SPs must explicitly address the following

  1. What is the assigned reading attempting to accomplish? Why? How does it accomplish this? (grasp of the whole)
  2. What is one point-at-able moment of curiosity, intrigue, or confusion? "Point-at-able" means you can locate it on a particlar page. Refer to it with direct quotation and a page or paragraph number. (localized click)
  3. How, specifically, does this reading resonate for you with something you are working on or through currently? (application)

SP#1: Baron - Mon., Sept. 13
SP#2: Williams - Wed., Oct. 6
SP#3: Tufte - Mon., Nov. 1
SP#4: McCloud - Mon., Nov. 8
SP#5: Wysocki - Wed., Nov. 17

When you have completed an SP, you should upload it to the appropriate dropbox in EMU Online. Arrange to have access to a printed or electronic copy in class because our discussions will focus on this written work for a portion of the class session. When uploading the file to EMU Online, remember to use the file naming format 328-lastname-SP1.doc.

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"Neither The Elements of Style nor any other style book can be the definitive text on writing in every genre or media." —ENGL328 student, Fall 2009

"We concentrate on utility at the expense of joie de vivre. And we then wonder, as de Tocqueville prophesied we would, why life has lost its savor" (19). —Richard Lanham, Style: An Anti-textbook

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