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328.2 Style Analysis (15%, 150 points)

For your second project in ENGL328, write a coherent, balanced, and polished analytical essay (1200 words) that applies selected stylistic concepts from Crowley and Hawhee, Williams, or both, to Kerry Dirk's "Navigating Genres." The essay will include a summary/overview of Dirk's article and go on to show how either Crowley and Hawhee, Williams, or both apply to the article or specific passages in the article. You should also specifically address some of the ways style as we have studied it operates in Dirk's article as well as the limitations of Crowley and Hawhee and/or Williams to account for other stylistic qualities you may observe.

Bring a full, printed draft of the essay to class on Wednesday, October 5, for our peer response workshop. The completed essay is due to the EMU Online Dropbox on Monday, October 10, before the start of class.

Evaluation Criteria
Project 2 will be evaluated according to the following four criteria:
1. Reflects a command of Crowley and Hawhee's chapter on style and/or Williams' opening chapters on style, and explains concepts from the reading while applying them analytically to a text
2. Development (the project is complete, fully developed; all aspects, including required length and a distinctive, thoughtful title, are available)
3. Analytical insights (accounts for ways either Williams or Crowley and Hawhee do and also do not apply to the selected text)
4. Accuracy (concerning mistakes or errors, including adherence to MLA style)

Each criterion listed above will be evaluated on the following scale:


EX: Exceptional. The writer has applied the criterion with distinction.
AC: Acceptable/meets expectations. The writer has applied the criterion to a satisfactory degree.
NI: Needs improvement. The writer has minimally applied the criterion in the project.
NA: Not applied. The writer has not applied the criterion in the project.

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"Neither The Elements of Style nor any other style book can be the definitive text on writing in every genre or media." —ENGL328 student, Fall 2009

"We concentrate on utility at the expense of joie de vivre. And we then wonder, as de Tocqueville prophesied we would, why life has lost its savor" (19). —Richard Lanham, Style: An Anti-textbook

"Style, as we know it, is not 'mechanics' but, rather, a rhetorical canon inseparable from the contingencies of purpose, audience, form, and historical or social context in which a communicative act takes place" (327). —Cornelius Cosgrove, "What Our Graduates Write"

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