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Course Schedule

The following schedule offers a provisional plan for all work throughout the semester. We may revise it as needed. PDF readings are available for download at EMU Online (see Doc Sharing).

1.Week of Jan. 9-13
Th.12 <begin>
Syllabus and Schedule
Sign up for discussion leading [DL]
Kennedy and Mueller, "Every Mad Scientist Needs a Tower, a Monster, and a Telegraph Wire: Blogs as Research and Pedagogy Laboratories for Graduate Students" (PDF)^
P1.Cookbook and Blog Setup (Wordpress; free account)

2.Week of Jan. 16-20
Th.19 Revisions, New Key
DeVoss, Eidman-Aadahl, and Hicks, BDWM, 1-59
Yancey, "Made Not Only In Words: Composition In A New Key" (PDF)
Heilker and Vandenberg, Keywords in Composition Studies (selection, PDF)
P2.Keywords Setup (Word Watcher)
RSS and Google Reader
DL: Kim, Leandra

3.Week of Jan. 23-27
Th.26 Ecologies, Professional Development, and Technology's Politics
DeVoss, Eidman-Aadahl, and Hicks, BDWM, 61-150
Winner, The Whale and the Reactor (selection, PDF)
Etherpad (alternatives) and Gliffy
Welcome to Pine Point!
DL: Holly, Sarah

4.Week of Jan. 30-Feb. 3

Th.2 Functional "Literacy"
Selber, Multiliteracies for a Digital Age, pp. xi-73
Wysocki and Johnson-Eilola, "Blinded by the Letter: Why Are We Using Literacy as a Metaphor for Everything Else?" (PDF)
Wiki writing
DL: Molly

5.Week of Feb. 6-10
Th.9 Critical and Rhetorical Literacies
Selber, Multiliteracies for a Digital Age, pp. 74-182
DL: Jessica

6.Week of Feb. 13-17
Th.16 Search
Selber, Multiliteracies for a Digital Age, pp. 183-235
Halavais, Search Engine Society (selection)
DL: Joe, Dawn

7.Week of Feb. 20-24
Th.23 Network Literacy
Yonker, "Network Literacy: Practices, Definitions, Implications"
Rice, "Networks and New Media" (PDF)
DUE: Draft of P2.Keywords in EMU Online Dropbox
Midterm Evaluation (Google Forms)
DL: Heather

8.Week of Feb. 27-Mar. 2
Th.1 Winter Recess (no classes)

9.Week of Mar. 5-9
Th.8 Grammars A, B, and <A>
Weathers, "Grammars of Style: New Options in Composition"^
Rice, "English <A>," From A to <A>, pp. 49-66^
DUE: P1 (Phase II) Proposal/Idea (submit in EMU Online Dropbox; no more than 200 words)
Podcasting/Voice-commenting (Audacity/Garageband)
DL: Robin

10.Week of Mar. 12-16
Th.15 Opening Writing
Wysocki, "Opening New Media to Writing," WNM, pp. 1-41
Wysocki, "The Sticky Embrace of Beauty," WNM, pp. 147-197*
Google Docs Drawing
DL: Theresa

11.Week of Mar. 19-23
Tu.22 No Class CCCC
DUE: P2.Keywords

12.Week of Mar. 26-30
Th.29 Databasic Writing
Johnson-Eilola, "The Database and the Essay," WNM, pp. 199-235
Google Sites/Wix
DL: Jennifer

13.Week of Apr. 2-6
Th.5 Pulsatile Dimensions
Sirc, "Box-logic," WNM, pp. 111-146
Reynolds, Presentation Zen (selection, PDF)
Flickr/Creative Commons/Picnik/Pecha Flickr
DL: Kristen

14.Week of Apr. 9-13
Th.12 Assessment
Selfe, "Toward New Media Texts," WNM, pp. 67-110
DL: Aylen

15.Week of Apr. 16-20
Th.19 Delivery I
Ignite Presentations

16.Week of Apr. 23-27
M.23 Delivery II
DUE: P1.Cookbook (Phase II)
Th.26 Rewind/Replay
DUE: Learning/Activity Inventory

Contact Information

Derek N. Mueller, PhD
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing
Director of Composition
Department of English
Virginia Tech
Office: 315 Shanks Hall
Spring 2019 Office Hours: T, 12-3
Phone: +1-734-985-0485

"In a digital universe, word, sound, and image share a common notation. They are, at a fundamental level, convertible into one another" (465). Richard Lanham, "Implications of Electronic Information"

"These days all technology follows computer technology" (159). Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants

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