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Antartica by Jim Richardson
"Antarctica." Photography by Jim Richardson.

ENGL527 Topics in Professional Communication: Visual Rhetoric (3 credits)
Provides an introduction to theories and practices for understanding and creating visual elements commonly used in written communication. Emphasizes the analysis and design of visual rhetoric for effective technical and professional communication.

Contact Information

Derek N. Mueller, PhD
Associate Professor of Written Communication
Director of the First-year Writing Program
Department of English Language and Literature
Office: 613M Pray Harrold
Winter 2017 Office Hours: Mon., 1-4; Wed., 1-2
Phone: +1-734-985-0485

"We need to become irritated at our favorite theories and theorists and tired of our usual list of visual objects. Visual studies should be ferrociously difficult, as obdurate and entangled in power as the images themselves. Complacency on that score leads back toward the fun house of aimless impressionistic writing about the joys of contemporary consumerism. There is so much more out there waiting to be understood" (201). James Elkins, "Envoi," Visual Studies: A Skeptical Introduction

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