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Fall 2007
TR 7-8:20 | UC118
Section U002 | No. 22430

Course Schedule

This schedule represents a provisional plan for all work throughout the semester. We may revise it as needed.

Week of Aug. 27-31
Tu.28 Beginnings & Introduction (IP) | Syllabus and Course Overview
Project I Setup
Th.30 Tracing terms: university, community, expert
In-class notes grid on search and association (IP). (Screencast)
Due: A list of “little gems” from Mountains Beyond Mountainsthat is, comments, claims, insights, arguments, pithy remarks that Farmer and/or Kidder make (min. 5 items in list) (IP)

Week of Sept. 3-7
Tu.4 Read Nancy Cantor’s "Multiculturalism, Universalism, and the 21st Century Academy" in Critical Encounters with Texts.
Due: Two-paragraph summary of Cantor article. (IP)
Th.6 Due: Visit the library website devoted to Mountains Beyond Mountains. Take notes on specific materials you find that were evocative or interesting. (IP) Added: map!
In-class: Synthesizing quotations. In-class: 250-word synthesis of quotations. (IP)

Week of Sept. 10-14
Tu.11 Due: Bring a two-page draft of your essay.
Due (optional): 150-word promotional blurb for Mountains Beyond Mountains. (IP)
Due: MLA style (c. 13 in The brief Thomson Handbook, pp. 181-241).
Due: Read Writing Analytically, c. 8 "Introductions and Conclusions," pp. 219-239.
Th.13 Project I Due
In class: Reflective cover letter (IP).
Introduce Project 2.

Monday, September 17, Drop deadline

Week of Sept. 17-21
Tu.18 Read: David Sibley, "Introduction," Geographies of Exclusion, CEWT, pp. 547-556
Visit Strange Maps weblog. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
In class: Maps of imagination and memory (IP); Glance Harmon's You Are Here
Th.20 Read: WA, Chapter 1, "Seeing Better: The Analytical Habit of Mind," pp. 1-39.
Due: Sibley's sites and claims (IP)
Commit to location. In class: 10 on 1, WA, p. 38. (IP)

Week of Sept. 24-28
Tu.25 Read: Sara Ahmed, "Recognising Strangers," CEWT, pp. 19-34
Due: Paraphrase x3 (IP)

Read: "No Photography Allowed" (PDF)
Due: Note each instance of citation in the essay. PDF: Reader report from class.
Th.27 WA, Chapter 2, "What Is Analysis and How Does It Work? ," pp. 41-70.
Spatial analysis lists: materials, activities, moods (IP)

Week of Oct. 1-5
Tu.2 Spatial analysis lists (cont.): materials, activities, moods
Spatial constraints on the expected and unexpected. (IP+)
Th.4 Read: Steven Flusty, "Thrashing Downtown: Play as Resistance to the Spatial and Representational Regulation of Los Angeles," CEWT, pp. 175-188
In class: What will your sources say?

Week of Oct. 8-12
Tu.9 Ground-truthing: online representations of spaces.
Read: Nick Paumgarten, "Getting There: The Science of Driving Directions"
Zillow, Outside.In, Google Maps Street View
Due: Notes on Ground-truthing (two sets of directions) (IP)
Th.11 Due: Bring a three-page draft of your essay. (IP)
In class: Peer response workshop.

Week of Oct. 15-19
Tu.16 Read: WA, Chapter 3, Extended examples 1 and 2, pp. 77-93
In-class: Claim-making workshop
Th.18 Project II Due
Due: Invention Portfolio cover letter (IP)

[Meet in HBC 227 for the remainder of the semester]
Week of Oct. 22-26

Tu.23 Introduce Project 3
What is argumentation? Five stases. In-class: Analysis into Argument.
In-class: Tucker, "Thug Culture is a Cancer Destroying Black America"

Read: CEWT, Harkin and Sosnoski, "Arguing Is a Cultural Practice," 229-240. In-class notes.
In-class: Collecting fragments: possible arguments (IP)
WikiRage | Debatepedia | A&L Daily | Technorati | Google Blog Search | Google Scholar

Week of Oct. 29-Nov. 2
Tu.30 Read: WA, Chapter 4, "Reading: How to Do It and What to Do with It," 109-136
Due: Selecting passages (Paraphrase x3, p. 117) (IP).
Th.1 Read: CEWT, bell hooks, "Straightening Our Hair ," 285-292
In-class: Argument Clinic; Implied and explicit (stated) arguments.

Week of Nov. 5-9
Tu.6 Read: CEWT, Addonizio, "What Do Women Want?," 15-16
CEWT, Guerrero, "Priorities," 227
CEWT, Hughes, "I, Too, Sing America," 293-294
In-class: Argument Remakes and Image-work (IP)
Photos and Resources
Th.8 Read: WA, Chapter 5, "Linking Evidence and Claims: 10 on 1 versus 1 on 10," 137-162
Due: Project III Planning Statement (i.e., proposal, with project checklist, 1 p.) (IP)
Sample 10 on 1 (in class)

Week of Nov. 12-16
Tu.13 Read: CEWT, Wypijewski, "A Boy's Life: For Matthew Shepard's Killers, What Does It Take to Pass as a Man?," 581-604
Due: 10 on 1 (IP)
Th.15 Argument Remake Workshop, Remaking with Audio
Listen: From "This I Believe" | By Students
Listen: From "This American Life"
Tutorials: Podcasts with Garageband
Due: Bring materials.

Friday, November 16, Withdrawal Deadline

Week of Nov. 19-23
Tu.20 Due: Bring a three-page draft of your essay. (IP)
In class: Peer response workshop. (IP)
Th.22 Fall Break - No Classes

Week of Nov. 26-30
Tu.27 Argument Remake Workshop, iMovie
Th.29 Argument Remake Workshop, TBD

Week of Dec. 3-7
Tu.4 Argument Remake Workshop, TBD
Th.6 Project III Due
Due: Invention Portfolio cover letter (IP)

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