WRT 307: Professional Writing: Schedule
Fall 2005 | MWF 12:45-1:40 | HL201| Section M080

M 29 Beginnings | Syllabus and Course Overview
Free-association Professional Writing Map
W 31 Introductions | Due: Autobiographemic list of 20


F 2 Genre and Project I

M 5 Labor Day - No Classes
W 7 Defining a site, establishing scale | Due: Resume and cover letter
F 9 Due: Read, Brown and Duguid, "Reading the Background" (PDF in Blackboard)

M 12 Developing a style sheet; Composing document anatomies
W 14 Consultations (Time for digs)
F 16 Consultations (Time for digs)

M 19 CMap Tools and Image-work (Meet in HBC227)
W 21 Read TC, Chapter 2, "A World of People and Purposes"
F 23 Interchanges and draft feedback | response heuristics

M 26 Project I due (presentations)
W 28 Project I due (presentations)
F 30 Project I due (presentations)


M 3 Setup project II | Read: TC, pp. 225-240
W 5 Read: Donald Norman, "Knowing What to Do" (PDF in Blackboard)
F 7 Screencasting

*M 10 Preface and C. 1
(a writer's CM)
*W 12 C. 2-3
(a writer's CM)
F 14 Due: Project II What is it? Statement

*M 17 C. 4
CM (a writer's CM)

*W 19 C. 5
(a writer's CM)
F 21 Drafts of project II due.

*M 24 C. 6-7
CM (a writer's CM)
W 26 Usability. (Meet in HBC 009)
F 28 Project II due.

M 31Setup project III | Read, TC pp. 281-289, "Proposals"


W 2 Google Self (ego-surfing)
Blogging and workplace
USA Today: "Warning: Your clever little blog could get you fired"
Dooce: About this site
Blogging: why it’s everybody’s cover story
"Blogs: No longer safe for work"
F 4 No classes

M 7 Review project one (re-sample)
W 9 Consultations (in pairs/groups)
F 11Consultations (in pairs/groups)

M 14 Org session. (Meet in HBC227)
W 16 (Meet in HBC227)
F 18 Reports; Intermediary deadline for Project III

M 21 Flow schematics and forms
W 23 Fall Break - No Classes
F 25 Fall Break - No Classes

M 28 Informality and ethics | email (Meet in HBC009)
W 30 (Meet in HBC227)


F 2 (Meet in HBC227)

M 5 Reflection/ course evals. (Meet in HBC227)
W 7 Portfolio. (Meet in HBC009)
F 9 Portfolio. (Meet in HBC227)
Portfolio due.

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