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"These texts also interact within the community. They form a complex network of interaction, a structured set of relationships among texts, so that any text is understood within the context of other texts. No text is single, as texts refer to one another, draw from one another, create the purpose for one another. These texts and their interaction are so integral to the community's work that they essentially constitute and govern the tax accounting community, defining and reflecting that community's epistemology and values" (336-337).
Amy Devitt, "Intertextuality in Tax Accounting"
Textual Dynamics of the Professions

"The reason creatures wanted to use language instead of mental telepathy was that they found out that they could get so much more done with language. Language made them so much more active. Mental telepathy, with everybody constantly telling everybody everything, produced a sort of generalized indifference to all information. But language, with its slow, narrow meanings, made it possible to think about one thing at a time--to start thinking in terms of projects" (173).
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

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