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Maymester Blended 2009
On campus May 18-22 | Online May 23-August 14
Section U550

Course Schedule

This schedule represents a provisional plan for all work throughout the semester. We may revise it as needed.

Maymester - May 18-22

Welcome and Introductions
Overview course materials, policies, and Blackboard interface
Focus: What is professional writing?
Due (in class): In Blackboard, post personal introduction with photo (via Photobooth)

Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Chs. 1-2, pp. 1-30
Due: Post to Blackboard "Discussion Weeks 1-2"
Focus: Rhetorical Aspects of Workplace Communication

Read: Lanham, LGTRP, Preface and Chs. 1-3, pp. iv-55
Focus: Genre, Design, and Context
In class: Develop provisional business concepts and apply Lanham's Paramedic Method for guiding style and revision

View clips from Helvetica (1 hr)
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 8, "Page Layout and Document Design," pp. 123-148
In class: Logo and letterhead

Overview of Genres and Genre Conventions
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 10, "Everyday Communication Situations," pp. 185-217, and Ch. 12, "Complex Communication Situations," pp. 260-287
Discuss roadmap for the next twelve weeks online
Take-home exam #1 distributed

Online May 23 - August 14

2.Week of May 25-29
Continue Blackboard "Discussion Weeks 1-2"
Read: Pink, WNM, Intro and Chs. 1-3, pp. 1-61
P2. Sign up for Google Reader account and begin following three or more RSS feeds related to your business concept
DUE: Fri., 5.29, Exam #1

3.Week of June 1-5
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 3, "Designing Usable Information," pp. 31-49
Read: Pink, WNM, Ch. 4, "Design," pp. 65-99
Blackboard "Discussion Week 3"
DUE: Fri., 6.5, P1.Emails

4.Week of June 8-12
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 4, "Performing Research for Technical Communication," pp. 51-69
Read: Pink, WNM, Chs. 5-6, "Story" and "Symphony," pp. 100-157
Blackboard "Discussion Week 4"
DUE: Fri., 6.12, P2.Memo

5.Week of June 15-19
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 5, "Technical Communication in a Digital World," pp. 71-87
Read: Pink, WNM, Chs. 7-8, "Empathy" and "Play," pp. 159-215
Blackboard "Discussion Week 5"
DUE: Fri., 6.19, P3.Cover letter and résumé

6.Week of June 22-26
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 6, "Ethical Issues in Technical Communication," pp. 88-105
Read: Pink, WNM, Ch. 9 and Afterword, "Meaning," pp. 216-247
Blackboard "Discussion Week 6"
Begin working on P4.Short Report

7.Week of June 29-July 3
Blackboard Peer Response to P4.Short Report
Begin working on P5.Long Report or Proposal

8.Week of July 6-10
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 7, "Copyright and Privacy," pp. 106-122
Blackboard "Discussion Week 8"
Continue working on P5.Long Report or Proposal
DUE: Fri., 7.10, P4.Short Report

9.Week of July 13-17
Read: Gurak and Lannon, CGTTC, Ch. 9, "Graphics and Visual Information," pp. 149-182
Blackboard "Discussion Week 9"
DUE: Fri., 7.17, Draft of P5.Long Report or Proposal

10.Week of July 20-24
Exam #2 distributed
DUE: Fri., 7.24, Exam #2

11.Week of July 27-31
Blackboard Peer Response to P5.Long Report or Proposal

12.Week of Aug. 3-7
Writing and Revision Workshop
Writing Consultation

13.Week of Aug. 10-14
Writing and Revision Workshop
Writing Consultation
DUE: Fri., 8.14, Portfolio with P6. Reflective letter and P5.Long Report or Proposal

Contact Information
Derek N. Mueller
Summer 2009 office hours: Mon., 9-10 a.m. via IM and by appointment
Phone: (315) 708-3940 (cell)
AIM: ewidem