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Course Schedule

The following schedule offers a provisional plan for all work throughout the semester. We may revise it as needed. PDF readings are available for download at http://drop.io/writing195. On the first day of class (and again as needed) I will provide the password you need to access the readings stored at Drop.io.

Week of Aug. 25-29
Tu.26 Scribe notes: Derek
Beginnings & Introduction (IP)
In class: Syllabus and Course Overview
Project I Setup
Th.28 SN: Aaron
Due: "Google me" account (IP)
In class: On analysis
Read: Nicholas Carr, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" (online)
Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Intro and Ch. 1, pp. 1-32

Week of Sept. 1-5
Tu.2 SN: Cynthia
In class: Continuation of discussion of Carr and analysis; On literacies
Read: Rich, "Literacy Debate: Online R U Really Reading?" (online)
Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Section 3 Overview, pp. 315-327; and Ch. 13, pp. 399-426.
Th.4 SN: Chris T.
Due: One-page analysis of Carr or Rich. (IP)
Read: Wysocki and Johnson-Eilola, "Blinded by the Letter" (PDF)
In class: Working with sources

Week of Sept. 8-12
Tu.9 SN: Ashley
Due: Bring a two-page draft of your memoir.
Read: Lanham, C. 1, "Action," pp. 1-20
In class: Writing workshop
Th.11 SN: Michael
Project I Due (4+ pp.)
In class: Reflective cover letter (IP).
Introduce Project 2.

Monday, September 15, Drop deadline

Week of Sept. 15-19
Tu.16 SN: Gabrielle
Read: "Who's Afraid of Google? Everyone" (online)
"Who's Afraid of Google?" from The Economist (PDF in drop.io)
Due: Who's Afraid? x 1 Paraphrase (IP) What is paraphrase?
In class: Paraphrase x 3
Th.18 SN: Belinda
Read: Four entries from The Googlization of Everything blog (see handout)
Due: Googlization summary (IP)
In class: Googlization; Summary and response

Week of Sept. 22-26
Tu.23 SN: Adam
Read: Caleb Crain, "Twilight of the Books" (online)
In class: Makers of Clouds (TagCrowd and Wordle)
Due: Crain summary (IP)
Th.25 SN: Noah
Read: V. Bush, "As We May Think" (online)
Due: Cloud abstract and summary (IP)

Week of Sept. 29 - Oct. 3
Tu.30 No Classes
Th.2 SN: Maggie
Due: Unit II Project and Invention Portfolio
In class: Reflective cover letter (IP).
Introduce Project 3.

Week of Oct. 6-10
Tu.7 SN: Chris G.
Due: Limits of composition (response to CDA reading) (IP)
Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Ch. 2, pp. 33-55.
Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Ch. 6, pp. 143-176.
Th.9 No classes - Yom Kippur

Week of Oct. 13-17
Tu.14 SN: Jessica
Due: Statement of Purpose (IP)
Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Ch. 3, pp. 57-77.
In-class: Researchable Questions; Viable Projects
In-class: On research

Week of Oct. 20-24
Tu.21 SN: Shazah
Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Ch. 4, pp. 57-78.
Due: Revised Statement of Purpose (IP)
Th.23 SN: Ryan
Collection and annotation.

Week of Oct. 27-31
Tu.28 SN: Alycia
Studio (Bring provisional plan/draft)
Read: "Shitty First Drafts," Ann Lamott (PDF)
Due: Two pages of writing (IP)
Th.30 SN: Eric
Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Ch. 7, pp. 181-222.
In-class: On argument

Week of Nov. 3-7
Tu.4 SN: Open
Read: "Who Cares if Johnny Can't Read? The Value of Books is Overstated," Larissa MacFarquhar.
Read: "How Reading is Being Reimagined," Matthew Kirschenbaum (PDF).
In-class: Blackout Argument (see Austin Kleon's technique)
Introduce Project 4.
Th.6 SN: Angie (Meet in HBC009)
Read: Lanham, C. 2-3, "Attention" and "Voice," pp. 21-55.
Due: Five-page draft. (IP)
In-class: Workshop.

Week of Nov. 10-14
Tu.11 SN: Sarah (Meet in HBC227)
Meet in 227 HBC.
Read: "What is Good PowerPoint Design?" from Presentation Zen
"Pecha Kucha and the Art of Liberating Constraints" from PZ
"From Design to Meaning: A Whole New Way of Presenting?" from PZ
Check out: Flickr Creative Commons
In-class: On Pecha Kucha and Ignite series.
Th.13 SN: Matt (Meet in HBC227)
Meet in 227 HBC.
Read: Read: Compose, Design, Advocate, Ch. 9, pp. 263-313.
In-class: Citation workshop - bring handbooks.

Friday, November 14, Withdrawal Deadline

Week of Nov. 17-21
Tu.18 Meet in HBC227
Th.20 SN: Scott (Meet in HBC227)
Due: Reflective cover letter (IP).
Due: Project III (8-10 pp).

Week of Nov. 24-28
Tu.25 Meet in HBC227
Th.27 Fall Break - No Classes

Week of Dec. 1-5
Tu.2 Meet in HBC227
Present Translation Projects
Th.4 Meet in HBC227
Present Translation Projects

Contact Information

Derek Mueller
Office: HBC 002
Fall '08 office hours: Thur., 11-Noon
Phone: (315) 708-3940
Class listserv: wrt195@listserv.syr.edu


"Google has been my best friend lately." -Anonymous student commenting on research-in-progress

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