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Sattelite's Eye View of EMU
Our class will take "Writing Waste" as its over-arching theme. Projects will address environmental justice issues, including local food deserts, microplastics, fly tipping, and water rights. Pictured: The phrase "writing waste" appears in front of a black garbage bag.

WRTG121 Comp II: Researching the Public Experience (3 credits)
Focuses on academic writing and inquiry. Students use multiple modes of research to develop literacy used in academic and other public contexts. Through extended reading and writing, students engage in the process of writing researched essays that reflect conventions of standard written English and standard documentation styles. (banner icons credit)

Contact Information

Derek N. Mueller, PhD
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing
Director of Composition
Department of English
Virginia Tech
Office: 315 Shanks Hall
Spring 2020 Office Hours: T, 12-3
Phone: +1-734-985-0485

"Let's say you were from somewhere else, seeing this Earth from space for the first time. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be satisfied with that view; I'd want to get closer, walk around on it, even get down on my hands and knees. That's how I prefer to see the Earth." —Wendell Berry, Interview with Jordan Fisher-Smith

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