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Portfolio with Reflection (20%, 20 points)

As a culminating project in WRTG500, you will prepare and submit a portfolio with a reflective essay. Consider the portfolio an assemblage of your work from the semester arranged so as to represent distinctive instigations: moments of discovery, puzzlement, redirection, indecision and resolution, wonder, confusion, or connection. In a 3-4 page reflection that introduces the portfolio, you will elaborate on a selection of these instigations, preferably by providing context and by supplying adequate depth of detail to make it compelling. When possible, acknowledge the relationship between your choices and the course outcomes. Your portfolio should include the following contents:

The completed portfolio with reflection is due to the Canvas dropbox by 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 14. Prepare to submit your portfolio and reflection as a single PDF or .doc file.

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"[I]n order to constitute the space of a habitable house and a home, you also need an opening, a door and windows, you have to give up a passage to the outside world [l'etranger]. There is no house or interior without a door or windows. The monad of home has to be hospitable in order to be ipse, itself at home, habitable at-home in the relation of the self to itself. But what has always been structured like this is nowadays multiplying both the home and the accessibility of home in proportions and modalities that are absolutely unprecedented" (61). Jacques Derrida, Of Hospitality

"I've said before that every craftsman searches for what's not there to practice his (sic) craft. A builder looks for the rotten hole where the roof caved in. A water-carrier picks the empty pot. A carpenter stops at the house with no door" (4). Rumi qtd. in Lynda Barry, Syllabus

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