Photo of Derek Mueller, cropped.

Office Address+Phone+Email

315 Shanks Hall
181 Turner St. NW (0112)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

+1-734-985-0485 (c, Google Voice)
dmueller -AT-

Office Hours

Fall 2024: TBD

Requests for Letters

It is best for letters of reference or recommendation to follow a two-step process, first confirming agreement about preparing the letter, then following up with a call (or email) to pinpoint specific experiences, collaborations, teaching observations, publications, or other qualities we can identify together that accord with your goals for the opportunity. As soon as possible after requesting a letter (24-48 hours), please provide via email an up-to-date copy of materials such as a CV or resume, statements of teaching and learning philosophy, admin philosophy, equity and inclusion statement, a writing sample, and/or sample teaching documents. You need not supply all of these documents—only those that are relevant to the position or opportunity you are pursuing. Allow at least three weeks before any deadline to ensure adequate lead time to develop a thorough letter. For professional searches requiring multiple submissions of letters, please use a dossier delivery service, such as Interfolio, to reduce the number of requests for letters throughout the hiring cycle.