All post-baccalaureate courses

Doctor of Philosophy, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric

Spring 2006
CCR651: Interdisciplinary Studies in Language and Literacy: Afrofuturism (Adam Banks)
CCR712: Advanced Theory and Philosophy of Composition: Mapping the Future: Theory and Practice of "Writing" the Discipline (Louise Wetherbee Phelps)
GEO781: Seminar in Cartography: Web Mapping and Cybercartography (Mark Monmonier)

Fall 2005
CCR691: Comparative Processes and Premises of Research: Crafting Researchable Questions (Margaret Himley)
CCR690: Independent Study: Visualization and New Media (Collin Gifford Brooke)

Summer 2005
CCR760: Advanced Studies in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric: Genre Theory in Academic Contexts (Collin Gifford Brooke)

Spring 2005
CCR611: Dev. of Modern Composition Studies: Writing Histories of Modern Composition Studies (Rebecca Moore Howard)
CCR711: Advanced Theory and Philosophy of Rhetoric: Network(ed) Rhetorics (Collin Gifford Brooke)
CCR720: Interdisciplinary Influences on Composition and Rhetoric: The Making of Meaning (Louise Wetherbee Phelps)
WRT670: Practicum: Teaching College Writing

Fall 2004
CCR601: Introduction to Scholarship in Composition and Rhetoric (Adam Banks)
CCR631: Twentieth Century Rhetorical Studies (Scott Lyons)
CCR732: Critical Studies in Writing Curriculum (Steve Parks)
WRT670: Practicum: Teaching College Writing

Univ. of Missouri— Kansas City

Master of Arts, English

EN550D: Seminar in 19th Century Literature I: Transcendentalism (Barbara Ryan)
EN400CF: Courts and Culture in the High Middle Ages (Linda Voigts/Carla Klausner)

Summer 1999
EN550MA: Greater Kansas City Writing Project: Summer Invitational Institute (Debbie Blackman/Eileen O'Grady/Jane Greer)
ED589KZ: Greater Kansas City Writing Project: Summer Invitational Institute (Debbie Blackman/Eileen O'Grady/Jane Greer)
EN524: Seminar in 18th Century English Literature II: Samuel Johnson (David Weinglass)

Spring 1999
EN555M: Seminar in Composition: Women in Composition (Jane Greer)
EN555E: Seminar in American Literature II: Problems with Autobiography (Dan Mahala)

Fall 1998
EN519: Problems in Teaching English (Dan Mahala)
EN500: Introduction to Graduate Studies in English (Steve Dilks)

Spring 1998
EN555B: Seminar in Renaissance Literature: Sonnets—Shakespeare, Donne and Sidney (Robert Willson)
EN555F: Seminar In Modern Literature (Steve Dilks)

Park Univ.

Non-degree-seeking, post-bacc. coursework

Fall 2002
ED532: Teaching and Learning: Theory into Practice (Ed Hight)

Summer 2002
ED606: Curriculum Theory and Practice (Amber Dailey)

Fall 2001
ED515: Sociological Factors Affecting Education (Catherine Wilson)
EN325: Modern Grammar (Jeff Glauner)

Fall 1997
EN480: Capstone Seminar: Literary Criticism (Dennie Okerstrom)