Derek N. Mueller

Graduate Coursework

Although it may be an uncommon practice to post records of graduate coursework, I have done so both as an aid to memory and as a snapshot of disciplinary density and diffusion in this particular set of programs of study. Coursework was most rewarding in those moments when a coincident cluster of courses bore out generative serendipities. It was most challenging when the inquiry was too far reaching but nonetheless weighted so as to be consequential, an incidental zemblanity.

Syracuse University

Doctor of Philosophy, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric

Spring 2006
CCR651: Interdisciplinary Studies in Language and Literacy: Afrofuturism (Adam Banks)
CCR712: Advanced Theory and Philosophy of Composition: Mapping the Future: Theory and Practice of "Writing" the Discipline (Louise Wetherbee Phelps)
GEO781: Seminar in Cartography: Web Mapping and Cybercartography (Mark Monmonier)

Fall 2005
CCR691: Comparative Processes and Premises of Research: Crafting Researchable Questions (Margaret Himley)
CCR690: Independent Study: Visualization and New Media (Collin Gifford Brooke)

Summer 2005
CCR760: Advanced Studies in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric: Genre Theory in Academic Contexts (Collin Gifford Brooke)

Spring 2005
CCR611: Dev. of Modern Composition Studies: Writing Histories of Modern Composition Studies (Rebecca Moore Howard)
CCR711: Advanced Theory and Philosophy of Rhetoric: Network(ed) Rhetorics (Collin Gifford Brooke)
CCR720: Interdisciplinary Influences on Composition and Rhetoric: The Making of Meaning (Louise Wetherbee Phelps)
WRT670: Practicum: Teaching College Writing

Fall 2004
CCR601: Introduction to Scholarship in Composition and Rhetoric (Adam Banks)
CCR631: Twentieth Century Rhetorical Studies (Scott Lyons)
CCR732: Critical Studies in Writing Curriculum (Steve Parks)
WRT670: Practicum: Teaching College Writing

University of Missouri–Kansas City

Master of Arts, English

EN550D: Seminar in 19th Century Literature I: Transcendentalism (Barbara Ryan)
EN400CF: Courts and Culture in the High Middle Ages (Linda Voigts/Carla Klausner)

Summer 1999
EN550MA: Greater Kansas City Writing Project: Summer Invitational Institute (Debbie Blackman/Eileen O'Grady/Jane Greer)
ED589KZ: Greater Kansas City Writing Project: Summer Invitational Institute (Debbie Blackman/Eileen O'Grady/Jane Greer)
EN524: Seminar in 18th Century English Literature II: Samuel Johnson (David Weinglass)

Spring 1999
EN555M: Seminar in Composition: Women in Composition (Jane Greer)
EN555E: Seminar in American Literature II: Problems with Autobiography (Dan Mahala)

Fall 1998
EN519: Problems in Teaching English (Dan Mahala)
EN500: Introduction to Graduate Studies in English (Stephen Dilks)

Spring 1998
EN555B: Seminar in Renaissance Literature: Sonnets—Shakespeare, Donne and Sidney (Robert Willson)
EN555F: Seminar In Modern Literature (Stephen Dilks)

Park University

Non-degree-seeking, post-bacc. coursework

Fall 2002
ED532: Teaching and Learning: Theory into Practice (Ed Hight)

Summer 2002
ED606: Curriculum Theory and Practice (Amber Dailey)

Fall 2001
ED515: Sociological Factors Affecting Education (Catherine Wilson)
EN325: Modern Grammar (Jeff Glauner)

Fall 1997
EN480: Capstone Seminar: Literary Criticism (Dennie Okerstrom)