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444.1 Small Pieces Hypertext (20%, 20 points)

For the Small Pieces Hypertext Project, develop a simple web text that makes use of hyperlinks for internal and (if appropriate) external navigation.

The content's focus is highly flexible, but your project should be well-planned and your choices purposeful. You could, for example, try your hand at creative nonfiction, write a hypertext review of a restaurant or a film, develop an argument whose link add layered richness to more basic assertions. For examples, look again at Weinberger's Small Pieces Loosely Joined for Kids, or check out Bernstein's "Chasing Our Tails," Moulthrop's "New Literacy and the Great Age of Code," Jackson's "My Body & a Wunderkammer," or Fried's "Definitions."

To develop the web text, you will write between 6-12 HTML files using a text editor, upload the files to your people.emich.edu server account, and check your work to ensure accuracy, seamless navigation (i.e., all links work), and WC3 markup validity.

You will have time to work on your project in class. A completed draft is due for initial usability reviews on Monday, October 8. Then, working from the feedback you receive, the finished project is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 10. In addition to the hypertext, which you will turn in to EMU Online's Dropbox, write a reflective account of approximately 750 words in which you discuss your decision making process, moments of learning (which could include discoveries and pitfalls along the way), and the specific responses to the usability reviews from your peers.

Your project will be evaluated on the basis of inventiveness, completeness, usability, and accuracy. Each criterion will be mapped onto the following scale:


EX: Exceptional. The writer has applied the criterion with distinction.
AC: Acceptable/meets expectations. The writer has applied the criterion to a satisfactory degree.
NI: Needs improvement. The writer has minimally applied the criterion in the project.
NA: Not applied. The writer has not applied the criterion in the project.

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"The Web is unique among all forms of digital communication, in that top to bottom, the Web is language" (xi). Karl Stolley, "Preface," How to Design and Write Web Pages Today

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