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Course Schedule - Fall 2012

The following schedule offers a provisional plan for all work throughout the semester. We may revise it as needed. PDF readings are available for download at EMU Online (see Doc Sharing).

1.Week of September 3-9
We.5 Welcome
Overview and Introductions
Attitudes toward Code

2.Week of September 10-14
Mo.10 Hypertext
Bush, "As We May Think"
Weinberger, Small Pieces Loosely Joined for Kids
DUE: Early Encounters with the Web; Attitudes toward Code
We.12 Studio
Setting up people.emich.edu and Google accounts.
Codecademy - Web Fundamentals Project Setup
In class: Begin 1.Build a Webpage

3.Week of September 17-21
Mo.17 Hypertext, Cont.
Borges, "Garden of Forking Paths," PDF
Guyer and Joyce, "Lasting Image"
Stolley, C. 1, "Why Write for the Web," pp. 3-11
We.19 Studio
Creating simple pages
DUE: Codecademy Web Fundamentals - 1.Build A Webpage and Reflection

4.Week of September 24-28

Mo.24 Reading and Creating
Stolley, C. 2, "Reading the Web," and C. 3, "Creating Web Content," pp. 13-31
Explore Boxes and Arrows
Explore A List Apart
We.26 Studio
Planning and Developing Small Pieces Hypertexts

5.Week of October 1-5
Mo.1 Standards and Preparing
Stolley, C. 4-5, pp. 33-53
Shoebridge and Simmons, "Welcome to Pine Point"
We.3 Studio
DUE: Codecademy Web Fundamentals - 2.More HTML and Basic Styling and Reflection

6.Week of October 8-12
Mo.8 Accessibility, Usability, and Sustainability
Stolley, C. 6-8, pp. 55-88
DUE: Draft of Small Pieces Hypertext
In-class: Rating Accessibility and Usability
We.10 Studio
DUE: Small Pieces Hypertext

7.Week of October 15-19
Mo.15 XHTML Structures
Stolley, C. 9-11, pp. 91-132
Contrastive CSS Setup
We.17 Studio
Midterm Course Evaluation
Hart-Davidson, "Code? Not So Much"
Stolley, Hart-Davidson, et al., "To Code, or Not To Code (Not So Much)?"
Rapid Prototyping for Constrastive CSS

8.Week of October 22-26
Mo.22 Text Editors and Metadata

Stolley, C. 12-14, pp. 133-175
DUE: Codecademy Web Fundamentals - 3.Style Webpages with CSS and Reflection
We.24 Studio
CSS Color, Size, and Font Attributes

9.Week of October 29-November 2
Mo.29 Navigation and Content
Stolley, C. 15-16, pp. 177-204
Kissane, "A Checklist for Content Work"
We.31 Studio
DUE: Contrastive CSS Draft

10.Week of November 5-9
Mo.5 Layout and Multimedia

Stolley, C. 17-18, pp. 205-233
Kahn, "Strategic Content Management"
DUE: Contrastive CSS Draft
We.7 Studio

Explore EM-Journal.com
Setup Project Three
DUE: Contrastive CSS

11.Week of November 12-16
Mo.12 Pages and Streams
Dash, "Stop Publishing Web Pages"
Dash, "More on Streams vs. Pages"
Project Three Development
We.14 Studio
Portfolio Checklist Development
DUE: Codecademy Web Fundamentals - 4.Advanced CSS Selectors and Reflection

12.Week of November 19-23
Project Three Development
No classes

13.Week of November 26-30
Mo.26 SEO
Read The Beginner's Guide to SEO, Intro and C. 1
We.28 Studio

14.Week of December 3-7
Colter, "Testing Content"
We.5 Studio

15.Week of December 10-14
Mo.10 Portfolio Presentation and Review
We.12 Portfolio Presentation and Review

16.Week of December 17-19
Mo.17 Portfolio Presentation and Review
Final Exam, 3-4:30 p.m.

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"The Web is unique among all forms of digital communication, in that top to bottom, the Web is language" (xi). Karl Stolley, "Preface," How to Design and Write Web Pages Today

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