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444.3 Project Three (20%, 20 points)

Project Three divides neatly into two options. Choose one.

EM-Ad Project
Just more than a year old, EM-Journal is an online writing journal for students enrolled at EMU. It features writing from the First-year Writing Program, the Writing Minor and Written Communication Major, and selected WI (writing intensive) courses across the curriculum. For this P3 option, you will reach out to an Ypsilanti area business, meet with them, and develop an HTML and CSS-based ad that will run on the web site. The ad will not cost the business owner anything for the first six months, and we can talk more about the materials you can use to define the process with the businessowner. Ads developed for this project must be 230x130, so they are relatively small.

Resume Builder
The final lesson from Codecademy steps you through the process of developing HTML and CSS for a resume. For this option, you will create (or customize, starting with a free shell at OSWD) an online version of your resume with carefully written HTML and CSS. If you choose the resume builder option, you will also be creating the infrastructure for the final portfolio. That is, the site you create will house your resume and also provide links to the first two projects, Codecademy reflections, and your final course reflection, which is due with the portfolio.

Whichever option you choose, you will have time to work on your project in class. A completed draft is due as part of your portfolio on Monday, December 10. In addition to the project, write a reflective account of approximately 750 words in which you discuss your decision making process and moments of learning (which could include discoveries and pitfalls along the way), specifically about HTML and CSS. Submit the reflective piece to EMU Online and include a link to your work in the file.

Your project will be evaluated on the basis of inventiveness, completeness, usability, and accuracy. Each criterion will be mapped onto the following scale:


EX: Exceptional. The writer has applied the criterion with distinction.
AC: Acceptable/meets expectations. The writer has applied the criterion to a satisfactory degree.
NI: Needs improvement. The writer has minimally applied the criterion in the project.
NA: Not applied. The writer has not applied the criterion in the project.

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"The Web is unique among all forms of digital communication, in that top to bottom, the Web is language" (xi). Karl Stolley, "Preface," How to Design and Write Web Pages Today

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