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Rewinding the Tape: A Learning/Activity Inventory (CR/NC)

For this culminating assignment this semester, you will document your work in the course by describing it and by contextualizing it in relationship to our four course goals (see the syllabus) and the five dimensions of learning from The Learning Record. You do not need to refer evenly to all of the course goals and dimensions of learning; that is, you are welcome to select among them as you rewind the tape. As you develop this written account, you should attempt to present vivid, compelling events or excerpts that amount to lessons from the class. Your account should be organized with clear subheadings that indicate which assignment or project you are discussing, and these subheadings should, at a minimum, correspond to the following graded components of the course:

P1.Stream (immersive short-form writing) 25
P3.Lesson plan or extensive project (pedagogy) 20
Participation, presence, and leadership 15

For each of these assignments or phases phases of the course, include a grade estimate and a nuanced discussion of your work that directly refers to appropriate course outcomes and/or dimensions of learning. In effect, you will be developing a reflective essay in which you will build a case for your grade(s) by establishing linkages between what you have done and what you have learned (this can include a speculative dimension: what I should have done differently). Strong reflections will incorporate links, citations, direct quotations from your own work, and other forms of evidence that seem appropriate or useful.

In addition to the three assignments or phases of the course listed above, you are welcome to discuss other components, such as the Discussion Lead, P2.Keywords and P3.Ignite Presentation. You are not obligated to address them, and you do not need to provide grade estimates for them as they will have already been graded.

Your reflective account should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Documentation conventions should adhere to MLA Style. Submit your reflective account in Google Docs no later than Tuesday, April 19 at 5 p.m.

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